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I caught a Cold and You can too

I caught a cold.

You know, it's that time of the year. Someone you live with, or work with, or walked by on the street shares their cold with you and suddenly your sniffling and coughing and you voice sounds funny.

It's as inevitable as it is terrible.

You may be asking yourself, what is the point of all this. Who cares that you caught a cold, we all have things we are dealing with.

Well that's exactly it. We all have things we are dealing with. My cold is just a small blip in the many things that I, and everyone else in the world deals with. My cold is a momentary moment where I am miserable. And we all have home troubles and work troubles and health troubles and emotional troubles and all the troubles you can think of.

So sometimes we are mean without need, cruel without meaning too. Sometimes we don't want to smile, sometimes we say somethings that we don't mean, or we mean but don't want to say.

Sometimes I make a mistake at work and I am so preoccupied with that that I fail to say thank you to my cashier. Or I fail a test at school, and suddenly everyone cheeriness seems like a personal affront.

But this post is not some life lesson about not judging people because you don't know what is going on in their life (though that is important to consider).

It is a lesson about using those moments to reflect. Whether you choose to make art that reflects that moment, or you choose to take a break and not touch pen to paper or whatever medium you happen to be using.

These trials and errors and stress and frustrations can become tools for you in the future. They can help you work through similar issues in the future, you can use them to help express yourself in human interaction an when making art.

Take everything that happens with a head held high and a will of steel.

What do you do when things get hard? When you catch a cold or fail at something? How do you get through it and lift yourself back up? Let me know in the comments!

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Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist


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