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Making Art - Winter Forest

Winter Forest

When painting, I love making monochromatic landscapes. This piece is no exception.

Living on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park we regurally drove up to visit the beautiful falls, thriving flowers, and the glistening snow.

Some of my favorite memories are going up to the park with my family to ski down the slopes and feel like I was flying.

this painting is based on the tree line during winter, with the snow sparkling and shining on top of the tree branches and the trees themselves a dark contrast to such brilliant white.

It is a quite simple application. I started with a white canvas before placing the foreground trees using a wide bristle brush at an angle, creating the "branches" individual. I then proceeded to do the same with progressively lighter shades to create the background trees. The spotting effect gave it a natural effect that I quite like and I feel that really echo's my memories.

Rebecca Adams

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