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Why Creativity is Important

With so much focus on the strict side of things, math and science, and less focus on the arts, such as painting and music we may forget why creativity is such an important part of our lives.

Do you remember being a little kid and creating magical scene out of nothing. Seeing lava on the floor and animals in the clouds? This creativity is so important to nurture and keep with you. Creativity is the forefront of innovation. If you can't think outside of the box how are you going to be the inventor of the next new, amazing, fantastic thing that changes our lives for the better. And without creativity it is so much harder to find a way through a problem.

Creativity is a way to embrace individuality,originality and the difference between people. It allows people to work together to create a greater world.

So nurture your creativity in any way you can.

If you like to paint or draw then do that. If your creativity speaks out with the invention of robots or buildings, then that's your path. Find what makes you most creative, what sparks your imagination, gets the ideas flowing and makes you want to keep trying.

Find it and keep at it.

“Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse

Rebecca Adams

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