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why artists should have business cards

Business cards can often become an after thought to artist. We become so focused on our work and on networking with galleries and potential buyers that we forget the usefulness of a good business card.

They are easily accessible, can be taken with you every where and be handed out just about willy-nilly. They have contact information and a lot of times have sample work on them. You should have a business card that is interesting to look at, is easily identifiable as yours and can be put anywhere.

Are you showing in a gallery? Is your art work on display at a coffee shop or a doctors office? Put your business cards in an obvious, easily accessible place with something that says "please take one" or "please take a card".

These little slips of paper are great networking tools that allow you to share and interact with others, often times without ever speaking to them.

There are millions of business card design websites. You can design the and have them printed and mailed to you, or you can design them and print them out yourself.

Here you can see my current business card. Although it is simple it is eye catching. It also includes the most important info. I printed this off a print on demand online business.

Rebecca Adams

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