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Why artist should use instagram

Instagram, the photo and hashtag based social media platform is perfect for any artist. It's main sharing medium is photos, unlike twitter and Facebook which rely more on text.

As a artist, your entire portfolio is made up a visual images and Instagram is the perfect way to make a digital portfolio that also creates a following.

It's free, it is pretty simple to use, all you need is a smartphone. And no mater your medium you can use it. Are you a photographer, a painter or a sculptor? As long as you can take a picture you can share it. The platform lends itself to your talents.

I really love Instagram, it is a chance to interact with other artist and get new inspiration. It is a great way to discover contests like #drawthisinyourstyle and thanks to hashtags others can easily find your art, leading to more followers and interaction. And you can link to your website in your profile, which is a good way to get even more interaction.

And there is no shortage of potential followers and people to interact with, there are millions of people using Instagram on a daily basis, from all around the world!

It is an awesome, easy and free way to get out in the world, show off your talents, find like minded people and get more inspiration!

If you join Instagram, or already have one I hope you'll follow me @an_adventuring_artist

Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist

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