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What can you do with an Art Degree?

If you are a creative and crafty person you may be looking into an Art Masters Degree. Although art is not a subject that leads to a specific career path, it is an exciting choice that can be a great way to prepare for the future.

There are a variety of specialties within the world of art, from art history to graphic design, and no matter what you choose the skills you gain will be highly valued and useful in a variety of careers.

Below is a detailed list of some potential career options that you can follow with an art degree.

Professional artist

When people think of a career in art the first thing, they usually think of is a professional artist. There are many options within this career path though, including but not limited to, painter, ceramics artist, muralist, and more.

Working as a studio assistant or in an art gallery would be a useful work experience, and it is important to find new places to showcase your work. Be aware that many artist supplements with a second full or part-time job.


Illustrators communicate stories, messages, and/or ideas using their creative skills. This includes children’s books, book cover illustrations, murals, and more. Often illustrators specialize in a specific medium such as watercolor or digital illustrations.

When crafting a portfolio as an illustrator you want to show that you can work to brief, such as creating a book cover.

Graphic designer

Similar to an illustrator, a graphic designer works with a specific brief. They develop ideas and concepts, often working with a variety of media and styles to find what suits the client’s objectives the best. The use of digital programs, such as photoshop is important within the graphic design field.


With the popularity of Disney and Pixar, you may have some awareness of what an animator does. In basic terms, an animator produces multiple images, which are then sequenced together to create an illusion of movement. Animation is an incredibly competitive field and as such portfolios need to be expressive of your ability to create seamless animations.

Art teacher/university lecturer

Those who want to motivate and inspire others may find the idea of being an art teacher interesting.

In most countries, you will need a teaching qualification to teach at the primary/secondary level, and a postgraduate degree to teach at the university level.

It is important to have excellent communication and presentation skills to both teach and inspire students.

If the idea of working at a university is not appealing there is also the option of offering private or small group art classes.


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