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Steampunk Fish

For three weeks have I been looking at this lot, while trying to think up an article. Should I throw in a few sentences about steampunk? Should I tell the story of Igor Shevschenko, the artist? Mention the exhibitions he had across all or Russia in 2019? During that time, I also kept showing his artworks to experts, to people, who know a thing or two about art. True collectors. Without having been told about the author, they all reacted the same. "Now this is True Thing!", they said. That's when I saw that long descriptions were unnecessary, just a photo and a few lines of text were enough.

"Angler" Size: 54*29*5cm Design: Fish on a wooden board Delivery not included

European Angler

Igor Shevchenko


Steam – mean vapor, as well as “punk” is clear without explanation. Some forty years ago writers imagined: what about if people will not use electricity? If everything will be on steam? How world would look like? And creative thoughts start running out of blue. Producers joined idea later on (do you remember the movie “League of extraordinary gentlemen”?), and of cause artists, painters and sculptors…

Igor Shevchenko, which made sculpture in photo, knew nothing about steampunk even two years ago. He was so far from art. But one day idea appeared in his head. He imagined making sculpture from the pile of iron. In one year, all around Russia passed his extraordinary exhibitions. Today, if you put the word “steampunk” in search – you may see other artworks of Igor… The glory caught a man, which has no relation with academic art.

Today, the sculpture of Igor Shevchenko is placed on crypto auction Fatcat’s.

Anyone may take part in auction. Do you have or don’t cryptocurrency – if your personal opinion, it’s possible to solve. But the wish to participate in auction – is your will to get this unique art object.

It is waiting for you on web:



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