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Stanislav “Slavsky” Sekacov

Stanislav “Stanislav “Slavsky” Sekacov uses his artwork as a way to express his anxieties. He’s a regular at the Long Beach Art Council’s 2nd Saturdays’ Art Walk every month.

Eyes of Judgement

His painting, ‘Eyes of Judgement’, was chosen to be among 50 featured artworks in the Sanchez Art Center’s 2020 Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition. ‘Eyes of Judgement’ is an 18” x 24” acrylic on canvas.

Slavsky says“This painting is for anyone who has felt the pressures of following outdated social norms and rising above them,”

Slavsky was born in Sumy, Ukraine, in 1991 before immigrating to Long Beach, California.

A self-taught artist he uses acrylic, watercolor, and other mediums to explore self-introspection and the nuances of good, evil, right, wrong, and the blurred lines between them. He creates symbolic messages in his works using bold colors and abstract backgrounds.

With an emphasis on detail, bold colors, and abstract backgrounds, Slavsky creates symbolic messages within each of his works.‘Eyes of Judgement’, for example, features women on the sides representing the eyes of society when one steps outside of cultural norms. The gold mask symbolizes the falsehoods people put on each day to live in society, and the wilderness expresses freedom and worldly possibilities that exist once one becomes self-aware.

Once self-awareness is achieved one can truly exist for themselves and without the pressure of the judgment of others.

‘Eyes of Judgement’ will be featured at the 2020 Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition at the Sanchez Art Center April 10 - May 17, 2020. For those who want to get a look at Slavsky’s painting and other works, he is always featured at 2nd Saturdays Downtown Long Beach Art Walk.

More information about Slavsky is available at http://slavskyart.com/.

His profile at the Arts Council for Long Beach can be found at https://artslb.org/artists/stanislav-slavsky-sekacov/.

Details on Sanchez Art Center can be found at http://www.sanchezartcenter.org/ABOUT.htm.


Stanislav “Slavsky” Sekacov

Instagram: @SlavskyFineArt

Website: http://slavskyart.com/

Email: SlavskyFineArt@gmail.com


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