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The Extensive and Fascinating History of STAEDTLER

The history of the STAEDTLER Group is a an old one originating in Germany. Friedrich Staedtler was making pencils in the seventeenth century and the family tradition began. He worked to abolish a regulation set by the Council of Nuremberg that required that pencils had to be developed by two different experts. With the abolishment of this regulation, Staedtler and other pencil manufactures were able to expand their business.

Staedtler pencils officially began forming back in 1835 by Johann Sebastian Staedtler. He had a desire to sell pencils all around the world and so in 1853 he went to the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations in New York and within a few years France, Britain, Italy, Russia, America and the Middle East were well aware of the high quality products. In 1866 the company made about 2,160,000 pencils

The Mars and Noris brands were created in 1900 and between 1922 and 1927 the US and Japan subsidiaries were establish. Then in 1937 there was a name change and a product expansion. The name was now Mars Pencil and Fountain Pen Factory.

The production of ball point pens began in 1949 and the next year so did the production of propelling/mechanical pencils. The "Lumocolor" marker brand was registered in 1954.

Mars erasers, made of PVC began emerging in 1965 and in 1997 the Staedtler Foundation was born.

Wopex, a material composed of wood remains was invented for use in in graphite pencils was invented in 2009.

With the 175th anniversary in 2012 came the FIMO brand as well as many others.

The STAEDTLER website states that "STAEDTLER turns ideas into products – and writing instruments into people’s favorite pens. This combination of tradition and innovative excellence is what makes STAEDTLER so unique. It is a core component of our corporate culture – and will continue to make history in the future."

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Have you used Stadtler Supplies before? I love their mechanical drafting pencils. They feel great in you hand and are a really good pencil.

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