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Spiritual artwork by Claudio Fiori

Claudio Fiori:

Early years.

I was born in Lodi, Italy, my studies were in Milan at the Liceo Artistico Statale "di Brera". I've been to many art schools as I was most interested in learning from those I considered great artists. I studied at many different colleges of art; following the teachers of my choice.

I first became interested in Art when I was three years old, after watching my elder brother Bruno painting watercolours; as it was his hobby. I was amazed, that with a little dirty water a piece of bi-dimensional paper could look tri-dimensional. I could see the boat in the lake, it's reflections as well as a far away little village on the other side.

My first master was Bruno, my older brother.


I have always been attracted by the peace, love and the 'brown bread practicality' hippies. Which is also the reason I travelled so much. I love to learn about other cultures, as well as my brothers and sisters around the world .

I lived in India for 30 years and studied the Vedas, where I've learnt many things. I've visited many other places also; including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Hong Kong Thailand, China as well as some I may have forgotten.

I am currently living in Cambodia.


As you will see in my artworks I always try to make visible the invisible or perceivable the aura, the moods and the feelings.

There is much more than what we see, god included; however not as an elder man with white beard, but as a sound vibration, the essence that keeps all together as one.

Our World.

I'm very saddened by the current global situation. However my message is this; stop being a victim and look inside, you have everything, you are everything.

Everything has been predicted by the Vedas. This time is called 'Kali Yuga' or 'the time of the end'. It is also the time that there will be a great separation from good and bad people.

The time of truth

Kali Yuga will make obvious the differences between the arrogant and the simple people.

We have to accept it. It will make clear who is bad and who is good, and this is a great thing. It is better to know.





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