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When did you start making art?

I’ve always been making art since I was young, I stopped for a while for some reason but continued and got more deeply into it around 11 years old.

What is your main Art medium(s)?

I mainly use acrylic paint but I also love using ink

What are some of your favorite subjects to draw?

I absolutely love zentagles and Roses I’m sort of known for random doodles a sketches that make no sense but are colorful and detailed 

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from how much I love detailed things and the world is so detailed.d may not be able to draw realistically but I can make imaginary things detailed and interesting just like this world

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

My family has supported me wanting to go into the art field since forever I am very thankful for them supporting me but also my boyfriend has been there for me as well when I start getting stressed over a piece he gives me motivation and says that great things take time I am very thankful for them encouraging me 

Rose_Art491 favorite piece of a sunset on beach bark

What is your favorite piece of artwork that you have ever made?

My favorite piece of art has to be a painting on beach bark of a sunset I actually got the picture of the sunset from the same island I got the bark I just love the way it turned out 

Who in the art community do you look up to?

Many people may not know her but my grandma she went to art school and is amazing we had art displaced at our church and just her detail and shading is absolutely amazing 

Or if they have to be famous then it would be Peter Max , the details and color and imagination is just amazing 

Do you have any plans in your art career?

I strive to be a book illustrator I just want to be able to put a smile on children’s faces as they see a story unfold in front of them and I hope the adults like the pictures as well

Do you have any suggestions for other artists who may just be starting out?

Practice I have friends who are artist as well just practice and study the thins around you you’ll see and have break through this of how to do something or draw something then practice it 

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