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5 questions to help you refocus on your art

Sometimes when you are making art it becomes difficult to find your place, you may forget why you are making it, or what emotions you are trying to share.

Ask yourself these 5 questions to help you find your way back to your art journey

Question 1

Why do I make art?

Is it because it is fun, because you enjoy it? Do you love colors? Do you use it to relax? whatever your reason is, find it and hone in on it. bring it to the for front of your mind and remember why it is important.

Question 2

Where do I want to go with my art?

Do you want to improve your figure drawing skills? Or do you want to start selling your work in galleries? Do you want to make a cohesive set of works?

Make a goal and allow yourself to feel excited by the prospect of reaching it.

Question 3

What is getting in my way?

Are you too busy, do you live somewhere that make it difficult to create art? What is it that stops you from creating? What is it in your life that dulls your creative spirit?

Question 4

What can I do about it?

Now that you know what is preventing you from being your most creative self, what can you do about it? Can you free up some time? Can you go somewhere else for an hour or two a day to work on your art? Can you take an art class?

Find something that gives you a chance to make art. And try not to make too many excuses.

And Question 5

What inspires me?

What is it in the world that makes you want to create? What gives you that itch in your fingers and that spark in your mind?

Whether it is the color of the sky or the smell of fresh coffee. Find it (or them) and hold onto it with all your might. Use that to make your best art piece yet.

Now take these questions, think about them and make something. It may not be perfect but it is something you made, so just keep making and don't be afraid of messing up. Be proud of yourself for trying and never give up.

Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist

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