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Picking the Right Canvas

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Canvas has been used by painters for centuries and it is the perfect surface for beginners and masters.Canvas is versatile and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is easily customizable for your work.

Canvas is light and easy to transport and it last for a long time. You can generally choose between linen or cotton canvas. Cotton is an affordable option though linen is considered the best of the best.

When choosing which canvas to use you want to be aware of the texture, which is a result of how finely the fibers of the fabric are woven together. Different textures lend themselves to different types of work.Weight is determined by the density of the thread and the higher the weight, the higher the quality. When using cotton the idea weight should be between 12-15oz.

If you know what type and quality of canvas is suited to you and your work you also have to decided what kind of form you wish to purchase it in.

I personally use stretched canvas, which is canvas that has been stretched over a wooden frame. You can get the frame in different sized and thickness, depending on how you intend to display the painting.

I also sometimes use canvas panels. This canvas is also pre stretched, except it is mounted onto a rigid board. These are great for practice and those that travel while painting due to their lightweight and small width. It is important to be aware that canvas panels do not age as well as stretched canvas. As such I generally only use these for practice.

Canvas pads are sheets are pre-primed canvas that our bound in a book. These are best for students and practicing.

Canvas rolls are great for painters who like to prepare and stretch their own canvas. Or if you are making a very large painting then the roll will come in handy. The rolls come in a variety of weight and textures, and you can get them primed or not.

Before purchasing canvas due some research. Figure our what will work best for your art style, you life style and your budget.

What kind of canvas do you prefer to use? Let me know in the comments.

Rebecca Adams

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