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Paint Brush Care

Paint brushes can be expensive, especially if you want good ones that don't shed all over your beautiful painting.

But poor care can cause you paint brushes to become brittle, gross and just plain unusable. So here are some tips for taking care of your paint brushes so that they will last you as long as possible.

1. Clean your paint brush IMMEDIATELY after use.

Your done painting, at least for the moment and instead of letting your paint brushes sit for a bit, or a while...or until you decide to paint again. Go wash them immediately. Letting the paint sit on your brushes is not good for them and once it's dry it will be even harder to deal with.

Depending on your medium you may just be able to use clean water or you may need solvents.

2. Do not leave you paint brushes in the water cup.

So you rinse of your brush and go to grab a new one. Don't leave that paint brush in the water, pull it out so it can dry. The bristles will get all funny and the water will seep into the glue.

3. this is technically part of #2 but put your paint brushes downwards while drying.

Make sure that the bristles are lower than the handle. This ensures that no water seeps into the glue that holds the bristles in. You don't want lose bristles.

4. Store brushes correctly

When storing your brushes be sure that the bristles are not bent or mushed. Again this keep the bristles firm and correctly shaped.

If your brushes do get funny then some water and soap is your friend. Rinse the brush then brush it against a bar of soap until it is formed the way it is supposed to be. Let it dry and there you go. A perfect brush once again.

Do you have any paint brush tips that I did not list here? let me know in the comments.

Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist

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