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Why artists opt for Online Galleries to promote their artworks:

Online art galleries help you disseminate your work:

Most artists find it difficult to promote their work online and get global reach, neglecting the fact that they have to build a global reach in a different way. Nowadays, thanks to digital era art lovers worldwide are a reachable easier and faster way. You do not need to rent a gallery space in New York for exorbitant fees but you can expose your artwork in an online gallery and get the same exposure, for reduced symbolic fees. This disrupt model is expanding and helping artists worldwide get international recognition and make it easier for them to sell their artworks.

Online art gallery helps you in marketing you art piece:

Many artists face problems in building international recognition for their artworks. This could be achieved thanks to taking part in an international exhibition or even participating in an art residency. This will help you a lot in building a network of artists and to become famous, and make your artworks valuable. However, building this network and taking part in art residencies require already a good CV to get selected. Taking part in art contests and having a good presence of your artworks online will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Online art Gallery helps you in branding yourself on social media:

Most of the art fans like to check the quality of artists they are following online, what type of recognition they get. Did they take part in an art exhibition, art contests or any other events? Taking part in the online exhibition will help you to communicate your recent artworks, and provide your contact details with a small biography so people interested in your work can contact you back, purchase your artworks for sale.

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