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Nicholas "DEV01" Rogalskil - Tattoo Artist

Nicholas "DEV01" Rogalskil is a premier custom tattoo artist located in Tucson, AZ with over 9+ years of professional experience.

He specializes and loves doing photo realism tattoos as well as Cartoon, Neo-traditional, Illustrative, Color, Black, and Grey tattoos. 

His tattoos are stunning and full of detail with a professional finish. His Neo-Traditional, illustrative, and cartoon pieces are vibrant, bold, dense, and richly sumptuous while his black and grey tattoos are striking and distinct. All of his tattoos, whether they color or black and grey are vibrant and eye-catching with amazing detail.

His goal is to create a one of a kind tattoo for every one of his customers that they will proudly wear for the rest of their lives. He works by taking the customers’ ideas and concepts and integrating It with his creative style. By combining these he produces unique pieces that will garner appreciation from everyone. 

He is continually striving to perfect his skills and to provide custom, high-quality tattoos & is always ready to take on your small and/or large projects! you can book an appointment on his website or check out more of his work below.

check his out:



Here you can see some examples of his amazing work.


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