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Mystic Miscellany

Mystic Miscellany is the largest paranormal dictionary on the web created by Amy Mosier in 2018 after she realized there weren't any paranormal glossaries of sufficient length and scope.

Amy is promoting artwork page done by various artists that are on her paranormal website. The overall idea for the paintings come from her and then the artists are given free will to design a piece based on that idea. They are all digitally made and Amy names all of the pieces. The paintings may not always be starkly paranormal, but there is always, at least a dark feeling to it.

The inspiration for the art page, as stated on the page, is from watching "The Night Gallery", that esoteric TV show from the 70's featuring Rod Serling. I loved the idea of paranormal artwork. Before I started this project, I actually attended a paranormal art display at the Mesa Convention Center and it was definitely very memorable, one of the more enjoyable displays I've been to. And my page is not finished, I will keep adding paintings when I'm able. - Amy Mosier

Danse Ardente seems to be everyone's favorite. I got the idea for the piece because of a scene in the "Narnia" movie, the part where the girl falls asleep in front of the fire. That scene stuck in my head. It means "fiery dance" in French. I'm not sure why it's everyone's favorite, maybe it's just so magical because of the fire or maybe it's sensual when the spirits are seen.



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