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My Top 3 Artist On Youtube

I love watching artist on youtube, it's one of my favorite pastimes. Not only do you get to see their art but you get to see their process and hear what they are thinking during. It is a great way to get inspiration and to find ways to improve yourself.

The following list are just some of my favorites, the ones I watch on a regular basis. There are others that I also love but these three have a similar feel to their videos so I felt they went well together.

***I have no affiliation with any artist/youtubers listed below***

Kasey Golden is one of my all time favorite artist. She has a very unique and simple style that makes everything look so cool, whether is drawing cute ants, bloody windmills or naked butts. Her art is really amazing and it is so much fun to listen to her. And Sock Kasey is a blast.

Chloe Rose Art is a self taught artist who loves Disney. She is a lot of fun to watch and makes a lot of videos involving strange and curious art hacks. You can't help but have a good time while watching her videos.

Drawing Wiff Waffles has a really fun style and an adorable dog. She tries a lot of new art supplies by using art subscription boxes and she regularly is experimenting. Everything about her channel is awesome, adorable and fun!

Like I said before these are just three of my favorites. If you have a favorite art youtuber not on this list please comment their channel name below. I would love to check them out.

Rebecca Adams

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