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3 Most Obvious Places To Hang Art At Home

It's not unusual to be immediately captured by the beauty of a painting and be drawn in by it at the store.

Different people are connected by different visual cues and we can often find that a piece of artwork that someone finds amazing can be considered appalling by another.

But buying a painting you love is the easy part. Choosing where to hang it can be the bigger challenge. Especially when there are various other paintings at home competing for wall space.

There are actually 3 home spaces are the generally fine to hang paintings, pictures and artwork that won't make them look out of place.

So if you are feeling stressed out over where to hang your new paintings, you would unlikely go wrong with these areas.

1) Living room

The living room is understandably one of the first living areas in the house that homeowners think about when hanging artwork.

They enjoy the most exposure, usually have the biggest wall area, and less personal than somewhere like the bedroom.

They are also probably the space where family members and guests spend the most time together.

More edgy paintings can also be hung here without looking out of place.

For example, a portrait of a tiger's face can appear beautiful to a homeowner. But keeping it in the bedroom can seem odd.

Who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and be greeted by a tiger starring back at him?

One of the most popular areas where homeowners hang their artwork, as if by instinct, is above the couch.

If you have a highly valued piece of art, they can be positioned as a centerpiece and all your guest would be able to appreciate your unique taste for art.

2) Hallway

Whether you have long or short hallways at home, the journey through them can feel lonely even if it only takes a few seconds.

With long hallways, come long walls that can appear disturbingly bare when there is a lack of decorations. In some instances, then can even visually resemble tunnels!

Paintings and artwork are so appropriately suited for these areas at home.

The bring life to a hallway, especially when they are filled with bright colors. They can also call on inspiration and zen.

Some suggested types of paintings are flowers, abstract art, wedding photos, and even feng shui landscapes, etc.

3) Staircase walls

Like the hallway, staircases are spaces at home that see a lot of traffic, but residents seldom stop in transit.

And because staircases obviously come with high walls as we move up and down in them, these walls can appear exceptionally empty when there is a lack of decorations.

Why not decorate that wall space with art or family pictures?

It would be nice to be reminded of the happy memorable times in life whenever you climb up and down the stairs.

They also eliminate the mundane look that a care staircase can look.

Just be wary not to hang them at too tall a height. It can be difficult for housekeeping, and might present a safety hazard should they drop off the wall.


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