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Hand Painted Phone Cases

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I am always looking for a new case to put on my phone. Something that reflects who I am and makes my phone look unique and original, just like me.

These cases by Elena Birkenwald are exactly that.



Elena Birkenwald is a renowned artist from Russia. She moved to Germany 1991 and has been showcased in numerous galleries from all over the world including Berlin, Hanover, Moscow, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and many more. She has also been featured in national television in and countless newsletter articles.

In early 2018 she started experimenting with various smartphone cases as a new kind of canvas for her art.

Her one of a kind smartphone cases are beautiful and original. Each one is individually painted and created with love. They are all conversation starters and are limited editions of one. The case you choose will be individual to you.

These cases are not just beautiful. They are sturdy and meant to protect your phone.

Below you can take a look at a few of her pieces.

This first case, titled Meisterstück "Cock" depicts a rooster created with broad strokes and a blending of colors. Bold and bright this is eye catching and fun.

The dramatic strokes are what really make this piece stand out.


This case is titled Meisterstück "Snakes". This collage like case is eye catching. And although the colors are limited and muted it has a depth to it. The more you look, the more you see.


Meisterstück "Dandy"has vibrant reds and deep blacks upon a light background. The paint is free and energetic. It creates a striking and interesting image.


Meisterstück "Coffee mugs"is a simple piece. four red coffee mugs are stacked upon each other upon a field of grass. Simple but cute, this "muggy" case is adorable.


Meisterstück "Apples"has a classical vibe. With bright green apples upon a brilliant blue background it reminds one of classical paintings.

The vibrant colors of this piece are breathtaking


Be sure to check out the rest of her cases. Each one is individual and has its own story and soul.

https://www.birkenwald.art https://www.birkenwald.art/cases

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