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10 Gifts for the Artist in your life

Are you an artist and not sure what to ask for for Christmas? Or do you have an artist loved one and are stumped on what to get them?

Here is a list of some different things that might spark your interested or imagination.

1. First up is a 3d Pen. These pens work like a 3d printer but you hold it in your hand and build up your art using melted plastic. They are a lot of fun and come in different styles and price points.

2. This Derwent Sketching Wallet comes with 17 art supplies and the case which makes making art on the go easy. These are good if you have an artist who likes to travel or you just want to get them something useful.

3. Viva ColorSheets features 16 transparent colors that are made from ultra-premium dyes that result in transparent and vibrant colors. They makes watercolor on the go a lot of fun.

4. The Sensu Solo Brush mixes painting with digital. The brush claims to replicated the feeling of using an actual paint brush, but digitally! I have not used one so I can not make any claims to how well they work but they sure sound like fun.

5. Not sure what to draw? This book offers 642 prompts!

6. Still not sure? Try these Art Prompt Dice.

7. Is your favorite artist a Bob Ross enthusiast? If so they will probably adore this Bob Ross Lego or they might prefer this heat changing mug

8. Maybe all this painting and sketching stuff is not right. If photograph is more in the right direction then a Table Top Studio may be what your looking for.

9. History buff? How about these pose able figures based on famous sculptures like the thinking man? Or this umbrella with Vincent Van Goh's masterpiece, The Starry Night on it.

10. Does the paint brush ever go in the wrong cup when your painting? if so then this shirt reflects that struggle for all to see.

Do you want any of these items? Are you rushing to add them to your Christmas list? Or do you see something that will be perfect for your favorite artist?

Is there something you think I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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