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Featured Artist rob Kajiwara

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Rob Kajiwara is a successful singer-songwriter and author as well as an artist. He is of Okinawan Hawaiian descent.

His first book, Ryukyu-Okinawa Impressionism, was published last year.

He has a BA in History with an Asia/Pacific focus from he University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He does digital painting and oil painting. Rob works in what he calls 21st century impressionism - a semi-realistic portrayal of scenes of nature, traditional culture, and every-day life, with an emphasis on bright, vibrant colors. Rob prefers to use short brush strokes, pointillism, blurs, and other distortions in his paintings in order to create a sense of motion and movement in the eyes of the viewer

Currently his favorite work is called "Manana from waimanalo Beach."

The colors came out right and I think it does a good job of representing what I like as an artist.

Kajiwara says that:

"One of my heroes in visual art is the Hawaiian artist Dietrich Varez. He also does paintings in a similar style to me. He uses bright, vibrant colors, which really attracts my attention.

I hope that my art will help create new movements in both Hawaii and Okinawa. Right now in Okinawa we have started what we are calling a "Ryukyu Renaissance," which is a revival of traditional Ryukyu culture mixed with new innovations. I hope that my art will help contribute to this renaissance and help advance Ryukyu's goals."

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