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Featured Artist - Nicolas Botez

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Nicolas Botez has been an artist for over 38 years. With the influence of his architect father, art is in his DNA and his artworks are sold in Switzerland, Spain, and America. Currently located in Bahrain, he gets his inspiration for his abstract art from nature.

Below is the Blue chameleon, one of the artists favorite pieces. He loves this piece because

"it can change design and color, Just by passing your hands over the artwork."

Botez is the founder of www.art2u2.com a website that was created to bring in income to artists that are less known. It is currently free to open a profile for a year.

For beginning artists, this is his advice

"Just be yourself, do not copy anyone, do your own thing."

Be sure to check them out at

www.art2u2.com Instagram @art2u2web

Facebook @ nicolasepaintings


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