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Featured Artist Mayra Gann

Mayra Gann is a life long artist who was born with a pencil in her hand. She has her bachelors of fine arts in illustration.

Her preferred medium is acrylic paint though she also does wood burning. She works in abstract.

She dreams to share her love of color and beautiful things with others and to have her art in homes all over the place.

A Chicago native with a military background, her love for beautiful things has helped her flourish and learn.

The piece to the left is her favorite piece. It is called Shores and she says

"It was a total accident but I loved it so much. "

Q&A with the Artist

Who in the art community to you look up to?

Mea Kelly Marie, I discovered her recently on Instagram and her story is so inspiring!

Do you have any suggestions for other artists who may just be starting out?

For starting out artist all I can say is don't be afraid, ask for help. Look to other artists.

Be sure to check out her website @


And follow her on social media @ instagram @mayras_craft_n_things Pinterest - mayras craft n things.

She sells her paintings and wood plaques on her website and she also takes commissions

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