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Creating a Coherent Art Gallery

I recently set up an art showing. I put up 11 pieces which you can see below.

When choosing my pieces I tried to choose pieces that had a coherent theme. Here is is mostly landscapes and a majority of the pieces are monochromatic with a few more colorful pieces thrown in.

While I would of liked to space them a bit more the wall space I was given to work with was limited. It is generally a good idea to give the pieces room to breath.

But that is not what this post is about. It is about making an art showing that is coherent. You want you pieces to resonate with each other, for people to look at the pieces and see a connection from piece to piece and to you, the artist.

This connection can be a variety of things. It may be color choice. As an artist I prefer to work in monochromatic but I do try to experiment and make some more colorful pieces.

It could also be subject. I enjoy painting landscapes, so most of pieces fall into that category. You subject may be people, or building or whatever takes your fancy.

No matter what you connection is it is always good to have one that both you and your audience can see. It helps flow people from pieces to pieces and feel a connection to you.

And this true not only when you do a showing or have your art up in a gallery, it is important to consider the cohesiveness of your portfolio as well.

Rebecca Adams

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