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3 color palette generators

Are you interested in making your own color palettes? or just experimenting with colors to see how they work and interact with each other? If you have any interest I would check out the three following websites.

My favorite is coolors.co which lets you put down the colors you like or you can upload an image and make a color palette from it.

Here is an example.

I uploaded the image and then it selected the colors used the most in the image. But if you don't like certain colors or would prefer a different shade you can easily change it and adjust as needed. You can then export the color palette and have it saved on your computer for any type of use you may have.

They also have apps so you can get it on your phone and make it even easier. This is great if you are a photographer who uses their phone.

Another option is https://kellymoore.com/mycolorstudio-color-palette/

This site is much simpler than coolors as you simply select the colors you want off of a giant palette and place them on your small one. There are not many features to it and you can not make shade and value adjustments. However if you select a color and go into color detail it will give you adjacent color and complementary colors which can be helpful. You can then save the palette or email it to yourself.

Paletton.com is a basically color encyclopedia. You can pick just about any color and find the complimentary colors, similar colors and just about anything. It is not really a palette maker but it is great if you are still learning color theory and unsure how colors may pair up.

I hope these are helpful and that you get some use out of them. if you use them please let us know in the comments, and if you make any pallets I hope you will share with us either in the comments or over in the forum

Rebecca Adams

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