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Brushes, types and styles

Day two of the Blogging from A to Z challenge



Round paint brushes are defined by long bristles with a compact and pointed tip. These are good for details.

Flat brushes are for spreading paint evenly. They have long compact bristles.

Bright brushes are similar to flat brushes in shape but have shorter bristles.The bristles are stiff and used for ensuring paint is in the weave of canvas.

Filbert brushes are flat and have a rounded end. They are great for coverage but allow the ability to add some detail unlike flat brushes.

Fan brushes, like the name suggest are like a fan. Generally loose bristles that are stretched out in a rounded fashion at the top. These re good for blending large areas of paint.

Angle similar to a filbert brush these brushes have a Sharpe angle at the end.

Mop brushes are loose, soft and have a rounded edge.They allow the large application of a soft looking layer of paint, or a thin glaze that will not damage underlying layers.

Rigger brushes are long with rounded edges. They are perfect for fine details. They got their name because they are traditionally used to paint the rigging on painting of ships.

These are not all of the different types of brushes, there are many different shapes and styles. These just happen to be the ones I use the most.

Rebecca Adams

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