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Art is everywhere

The world is a rough place, but there is art everywhere if you are willing to look for it. You don't even have to walk out your door.

Photo of my desk while studying

The things sitting on your desk can be turned into a stylized photograph, or your living room can become the setting for a drawing. Imagine someone you want to visit you, a relative, a historical figure or your OC. Draw them in your living room and express how you think they would act (confused, amazed, elegant?)

But if you do feel the desire to go outside be willing to go small and large.

Draw a ladybug, or some leaves.

Fall leaves are great if you are working on color, no matter what media. Colored pencils, marker or watercolor are good choices. Gather a couple in different colors and shapes and try placing them in different positions.

But don't be afraid to work big. Trees are fun for getting interesting upward angles, and building and other structures are fun as well. A bridge, or a feature in a park, a statue are all good choices. They can be used to work on details, or just get used to working on adjust scale.

Watercolor pencil drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge at Night

Where do you like draw and where do you get your inspiration? It's an adventure whether you sit at your desk or journey into the great unknown.

Rebecca Adams, The Adventuring Artist


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