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Anant Jaipur Official - A Post Modern Art House

I started the Art House in October 2019 in 'The Pink City - Jaipur' of India

I had a masters degree in Business Administration and since I was extremely fascinated by the dynamics of art I infused my business skills in creating an Art House which celebrates aestheticism through the lens of Indian Craftsmanship.

We exclusively use 24 Karat Gold Leaves & Gold Colors on handmade paper/ Linen Canvas to create our Art Works.

I would like to build a global platform for Indian artisans where they could create post modernistic renditions of Indian Folk, Tribal & Traditional Art Forms using 24 Karat Gold as a common element for the art lovers/appreciators/collectors of the world.

I have only one suggestion - do learn business of art as well. With a very calm & still mind ask yourself what exactly do you want from your art - once you have got the answer STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED

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