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Adobe Sketch Review

So I recently got and Ipad and I wanted to try out some free drawing apps. I downloaded a bunch of them but i am going to go through them one by one. Each app will have it's own post and once I have gone through all of them I will make a post the compares them.

All of these apps are free, I am not affiliated or being compensated by these companies at all.

So first is adobe sketch. This app has a very simple design. Everything is simple. You can see all of your work on the gallery page and click on the one you want to open, or press the blue + symbol and pick a format. There are plenty of options, even separated by if it is going to be digital or if you plan to print it, and you can make your own formats.

drawing screen of adobe sketch

Once you have chose your format, this is the screen you get.

As you can see the layout is very simple. On the left you have your brushes, on the right your layers.

Up top you have setting, saving options and the ability to add shapes.

There are a lot of brush options, you can also import brushes and create your own with photos. There is even a watercolor brush option that you can let seep into the "paper" or use a fan to "dry" it.

And layers! If an drawing app does not have layers its really not worth your time.

So over all, simple, basic, but good. I had a few qualms, changing brush size and color takes a bit more effort that I would like. You have to double click on the brush and making adjustments are hard to do accurately.

Another thing that I did not like was that there is no fill or bucket choice. Though this is more of a personal preference.

It is definitely not my favorite and it will not be on my dock for long but if a simplistic layout is your style then this is one I suggest for you.

Got an app you think I should take a look at? leave a comment!

Rebecca Adams

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