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5 Christmas Color Palettes

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Christmas is coming. It is right around the corner.

Now I'm not really a Christmas person. I have a personal love for Halloween and Christmas can never take that over.

But, I cannot deny that Christmas has some of the most beautiful, bright, festive and exciting color schemes. Which of course, we have to use to make some beautiful, bright, festive and exciting colored work.

So today I have scoured the internet to find my favorite Christmas color palettes to share with you. Take a gander, take a look and try one or two or three out on your next art piece!

First up is a classic with red, green and white. If you want to go more simple, you can take out the lighter red and green transitory shades and just keep with the main three. The Hex and RGB codes are from left to right:

#ff0000 (255,0,0)


#ffffff(255,255,255) #74d680(116,214,128)


Next is a personal favorite from Sarah Renae Clark at https://sarahrenaeclark.com/25-christmas-color-palettes/.

With rich greens and reds This color palette is vibrant and festive.

Here the Hex and RGB codes are from top to bottom

#f5f2f4 (245,242,244)

#a4bfac (164,191,172)

#1e4231 (30,66,49)

#661613 (102,22,19)

#e83f33 (232,63,51)

This one is a bit on the lighter side with vibrant reds and a soiree of neutrals.

#e8e5da (232,229,218)

#d9ccbd (217,205,191)

#a68f7e (166,143,126)

#85635a (133,99,90)

#8f1117 (143,17,21)

#b32b36 (179, 45, 54)

Perhaps red is not your color. How about these deep greens and shaded grays? This is another from Sarah Renae Clark and like her others I absolutely love this one. The deep colors have a rustic feel that I just adore.

#132421 (19,36,37)

#2e473a (46,71,58)

#a87054 (168,112,84)

#857e80 (133,126,128)

#383838 (56,56,56)

Or maybe all these festive, Christmas colors are not for you. This set gives me views of winter with icicles and snowflakes rather than wreathes and Santa. From http://color.romanuke.com/

#b38a54 (179,138,84)

#d9bc91 (217,187,145)

#c2c9d1 (192,199,207)

#7cbfcf (124,191,207)

#0f7d7d (15,125,125)

I hope some of these color palettes inspired some creativity. If none of these float your boat then head over to pinterest.com and type in Christmas color pallets, you'll probably get a never ending list of ideas! If you make anything using these color palettes be sure to tag me on Instagram @an_adventuring_artist I would love to see what you make!

Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist

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