Interested in ordering a unique, one of a kind piece from me?

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Prices range depending on the product. Once you have sent in your request and we have discussed the product I will give you a quote. I require a third of the commission price upfront after consultation.

I can do 2 types of commissions – digital illustration or a physical painting on canvas with acrylic. If I do a digital illustration and you want me to print it and mail it to you I will, but I require you to pay for postage/shipping, same with a physical painting.

Check out my Portfolio to see some of my work.

I receive all payments through PayPal invoices. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay them.

  • Final assets will not be delivered until payment is received. Be cool! ​​

  • No Refunds​​

  • I retain all ownership rights to images produced for commissions. This means I may post them publicly, alter them, or use them on my site and social media. Final assets are intended for personal use by the client only.

    • If you’d like to have ownership or a commercial license along with your commission, let me know!

    • This doesn’t mean I own your original character, don’t worry! It just means I own the artwork because I made it, and you can’t sell it or have it printed on stuff then sell it.

  • It is implied that all commissions will eventually be posted publicly, and in some cases the process filmed. I never show reference photos of people or mention real names. Let me know if you need anything additional kept private.​​

    • Communicate! If at any point I ask for feedback and you decide to wait a week, that means I stop working on it for a week. Let me know if you are not interested or do not have time for giving feedback, it’s totally fine if so! It’s all about making a project you’ll love—the clearer I understand what you want and how you want it to work, the better commission I can make. ​​

  • No copyrighted characters, logos, or content for commercial projects (unless you own and can prove you own the copyright). I can draw fanart for personal use commissions only.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any job, subject, etc.!​​

Thank you,

Rebecca Adams

The Adventuring Artist


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